Tuesday, August 30, 2011

wow...I still have a blog??

Sorry kiddos its been to long! So much has happened in my life recently and then my computer killed over. Life is great though, I moved in with two of the most amazing people in this world and couldnt be happier. We live in this incredible house

and honestly it is hooked up!
I haven't had a lot of time with the art scene but I'm extremely excited to start up some somethin somethin in our HUGE art room in the back of the house. So much possibility!
I do have some new art on my self though...
wonky picture :p
Life couldn't be better, I really cant wait to dive into my future projects and begin on some inspiring ideas I have had on the back burner now for some time.
Most importantly I am stoked to work on myself.
My personal life has been kind of a wreck but I am now out of that funk and wanting to get out there-meet people, network, start a band ;)
Ive joined a gym! Only good things can happen from that right?!
But anyway just thought Id pop in to say hey and that I'm still around!