Monday, February 28, 2011

pink petit

So I realize that I honestly do not give myself enough credit or have enough confidence in my work. Probably both. But this is something i see right now. I can change that. No matter how well you think you are doing you always.ALWAYS. Have room to improve. I seriously see it in everything i create. Oh i could of done this or that. But when do you finally say, ok this works... or do you just feel you have reached the limit? Dont get me wrong, Im not giving up or saying i cant better anything i do....but... I dont know, being on a tight bugdet how did any starving artist better themselves without the means to do so?
Its nice to hear good things about your work but i always feel ''ehh i can do better" or i feel the need to keep pushing myself really hard. I guess its good motivation. hmm.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ch-ch check it oouuuttt!

I went to the saturday morning art fest in ybor they do every weekend. It was such a beautiful day and it was really nice to just get out, clear my head, be by myself and just enjoy. I had a fabulous morning. The smell of fried foods in the air makes you feel like a kid again. Being so pale can be a bummer though, got a touch of red to go with my fiery hair.
I also found an amazing dress for the art show too! Its super hot....but if I find something better I may exchange it. Have to talk to the lady friends and see what they think. I wanna go for a spaceman look, but im finding it hard to look sexy with a fish bowl over my head and silver spandex! Go figure. pfff...I could still probably pull it off. :P

So im really excited and proud about my new work. Its more of my artsy (not just girlie fancy side) I mean, okay... its still a girlish hat but its really fun! Im gonna blow the socks off this flippin art show!

                                                                  My favorite fatty cat.

                                                                   Shes so photogenic.

So besides my cat in the photo on this picture, im thinking business card?? Maybe photo shop it to my liking, blackout the background but keep the teal cover... hmm

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

waiting to win the lottery.

ive been down lately...dont really feel like blabbing a lot. life is hard and somedays i just dont feel up to facing it. then later i end up being mad at myself for wasting the day. its just a phase, ill figure things out. i just really hate this period of waiting for calls back and job hunting. at least i now have more time to create. do what im passionate about. things will work themselves out.

This hat is for the serious sophisticated party-goer. What says "lets get our drink on" better then zebra and pink tulle? -nothing. :) 

Monday, February 21, 2011

long day

so i will end it with more pictures of new work!

feather flower headband. not too extravagant for the lady who doesn't feel like dressing up. but could be that extra little something to pull off that bangin ass outfit you've been dying to wear out! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

ok, ok, ok....

I haven't posted anything in a minute. But dont get me wrong ive been very Very busy. Working, finding out my place of work is going out of business, applying to new jobs, and making my creations. So its been a hell of a week! Life is okay for the most part. It goes on :) have to tell myself that and keep my head up. Im just really excited about the art show. Finally got ahold of the bf's camera. Here is one of many new creations of mine. Took a few different shots/angles. I had to put up a few pics of myself with it on, the dummy head (Edith) just wasnt doing it justice. Its looks better on if you have hair, go figure!!

cute right!? not me, the head band! hah silliness...yeah so i like the hippie-ness to it.... and you could wear it to go out dancing or just out for coffee...its not too dressy but it can be...its up to your mood/plans for the night, or day.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm Registered!

I am now officially registered to be a showing artist of the 2011 Man on the Moon Square One event here in lovely Ybor, Tampa FL!! The event takes place on Saturday, April 2 from 7pm to 12 midnight. I cant be more thrilled to be in this event. Every time I have gone to this show as an art enthusiast/viewer it has not let me down. Find out more info or how to get involved here:

So excited!! See you there! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

keep on keepin on

This rose is huge! With better pictures (better camera coming soon ;)) you can see the textures/discoloring in the rose. This headband has a fun flapper look. I was actually up really late last night making roses and new head bands, which Im super stoked for. Hopefully ill have my camera for those... All of my pictures so far have been done with my camera phone...and my phone is a shitty pink razor. Sooo not my style but I am broke and it does...what little it does...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Im really proud of this one. I love how it turned out. Think I might wear it to work tonight, see what others think. I usually get great compliments on my work. Its nice to know women and men appreciate what just a small accessory can do to make an outfit. I do get the occasional "what is that in your hair?" and a puzzled look but.. oh well, everyone is fashion designer these days apparently. Have to take the good and the bad.