Monday, May 9, 2011

Music destruction

First! New keyboard, yay! All is right again in the world. 
My thing has been destroying records, putting them back together and making them into hats.
I showed a few of them in my last show. Everyone liked the concept and I got some great feedback and more ideas. In my last blog I wrecked an old tape and sewed it to a headband. I really like how it turned out and im going to keep on with my music destruction.
I love music, all kinds really. Playing it, messing around on my piano, guitar a tad, and most recently my kid accordion! What better way to prove my love then dismantle them?!

                                       My most recent damaged recording device is this blue mini disc.
                                                  The disc and tulle are sewn onto a headband.

                                    This little yellow flower fascinator is attached to a clear elastic band.
                                              I find elastic bands are more stable in my hair then clips.
            If I can ride my scooter and it doesn't budge going 40mph then it can stay strong through anything!

Happy Monday <3

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