Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Great day!

I had a dream last night. Usually my dreams are fun or terrifying. This dream was neither. I was inspirational and gave me a killer idea for the art show. Im not going to tell you what it is though, you will just have to be there. Or see my pictures from the event at a later date! :p 
But I digress...  that was my dream...Today was an exceptionally great day! Besides the six hours of work, I got to go thrift shopping, and found my dream items at none other than Second Image. An excellent second hand store in the Tampa area. I can always walk out the door with something interesting in hand.

I could put up more pictures of my work...but then i feel im spoiling the suprise of the art show.

then again...no one really reads my blog. haaah!

I almost wore this piece out the other night (unfortunately it rained and riding a scooter in the rain can become hazardous, so i had to cancel my plans) but i was wearing this and my red cowboy boots. Going for a cowboy and indian look. The head bands I make like this one is my absolute favorite style. Its totally hippie but so freakin in right now!

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