Thursday, March 31, 2011

So close, so much to do.

Its been a few days since I have posted anything. But so much has gone on! The Square One event "Man on the Moon" art show is almost here! 
and the Facebook event invite

I think of man on the moon and i always picture this lovely hero of mine....

Found some new and interesting pieces for my art/hats/projects. Thrift shopping has never been this good to me.EVER. Lots of cheezy but awesome plactic flowers and fruit, pendants, brooches and if not anything physical lots of ideas. All so cheap!
Also received some 45s and colored mini disks from a friend :)
Havent thought of what to do with them yet but my brain hamster is in overdrive and drinking a lot of coffee.
And Im still making pieces! Over 40 was what I counted last at the beginning of March! hah! I hope I have enough table and wall for the art show...
I havent even had a chance to take pictures of the new stuff. Or even the new dolls ive been working on. Im super stoked on the dolls. I need to think of a better name for them though, because they are not just dolls. The boyfriend is totally my muse. Its been an enjoyable project. Im Salvador and hes my Gala.
Today is a perfect day to get done all that i am forcing myself to do. Its awfully wet outside and its not going to slow down anytime soon.

 Owl Fascinator.

THIS new fascinator is one of my top favorites! I call it Hula Honey. And it looks great on even a weird shaped head, like mine ;)

Okay. Time to go clean.

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