Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ch-ch check it oouuuttt!

I went to the saturday morning art fest in ybor they do every weekend. It was such a beautiful day and it was really nice to just get out, clear my head, be by myself and just enjoy. I had a fabulous morning. The smell of fried foods in the air makes you feel like a kid again. Being so pale can be a bummer though, got a touch of red to go with my fiery hair.
I also found an amazing dress for the art show too! Its super hot....but if I find something better I may exchange it. Have to talk to the lady friends and see what they think. I wanna go for a spaceman look, but im finding it hard to look sexy with a fish bowl over my head and silver spandex! Go figure. pfff...I could still probably pull it off. :P

So im really excited and proud about my new work. Its more of my artsy (not just girlie fancy side) I mean, okay... its still a girlish hat but its really fun! Im gonna blow the socks off this flippin art show!

                                                                  My favorite fatty cat.

                                                                   Shes so photogenic.

So besides my cat in the photo on this picture, im thinking business card?? Maybe photo shop it to my liking, blackout the background but keep the teal cover... hmm

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