Sunday, February 20, 2011

ok, ok, ok....

I haven't posted anything in a minute. But dont get me wrong ive been very Very busy. Working, finding out my place of work is going out of business, applying to new jobs, and making my creations. So its been a hell of a week! Life is okay for the most part. It goes on :) have to tell myself that and keep my head up. Im just really excited about the art show. Finally got ahold of the bf's camera. Here is one of many new creations of mine. Took a few different shots/angles. I had to put up a few pics of myself with it on, the dummy head (Edith) just wasnt doing it justice. Its looks better on if you have hair, go figure!!

cute right!? not me, the head band! hah silliness...yeah so i like the hippie-ness to it.... and you could wear it to go out dancing or just out for coffee...its not too dressy but it can be...its up to your mood/plans for the night, or day.

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