Sunday, April 3, 2011

Incredible Art show and overall amazing night!

I honestly had one of the best days of my life yesterday. The entire day was just easy going yet marvelous. It started with me getting up to go set up for the art show. Had coffee and cigarettes on the porch and enjoyed the wonderful weather with the boyfriend.
We have a wonderful view of a japanese  plum tree in full bloom where we get to enjoy all the little squirrels and birdies eat and play. 
The set up at the show had me a little worried and stressed but after being there for a moment we figured things out and had it done in no time. Went to the amazing Wrights Deli and had a bite for lunch. Serious comfort food. If you are ever in Tampa you need to check out Wrights. Its always busy but its definitely worth the wait. Big, fat, delicious monster size sandwiches. Yum.

So after the well deserved meal we got to just hang out together. Its weird being so busy with your art that you finally realize...oh...I can chill, the show is today....Ive been working so hard I really felt it was time to relax and not feel guilty about it.
We then got dressed and ready for the show. We seriously looked like straight up ballers walking in that place. Dressed to the nines, no worries, the haters now bowing before us. ;)
It was a great feeling.

We had some time to stop by and check out the other artist that really caught our attention. We had a few favorites already in mind like our friends at Cutteeth- Hunter Thompson and Case Max. Awesome dudes with GREAT work. this is there site:

I also have to brag about the lovely and extremely talented girlie that set up next to me Ashley Gilbert. Not only is she a killer painter she is an extremely sweet girl. Her work speaks for itself:

Another gal that I meet with extreme talent & let me have two S hooks (that were much needed and very appreciated :)) Melissa Oraath

Two other people I got to hang out with for some of the night was Luis and Lydia. Two amazing people with hearts the size of Texas and an undying appreciation for ALL art. Thanks for all the help and support guys.
Luis has a phenomenal fine arts blog: 

Thank you to all of my friends that came out to the show. It really meant so much to see you all.
I will have pictures up soon!

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