Saturday, April 16, 2011


Made some mulberry pastry's today. I actually picked the berries from a tree in our apartment complex.
Still need to cut it up but had to have a taste first :) Its my first time using this flaky pastry, turned out well.

I've been a little behind on my blogging. But I now have better pictures of my work. I'm modeling them but you can see how they will fit the shape of your head better then my styrofoam ladies.
I'm only putting a few up, the rest will go on my facebook fan page :!/   
(top right corner of my blog if you wanna check it out, and "Like" it :p)

Indian style headband with bronze leaves and a single peacock feather.

Ceramic cherries I found and repainted, added the fabric fascinator and sewed them onto a headband. Its actually really light and one of my favorites at the moment. 

Owl fascinator

Small cameo hat with black tulle veil

I swear I'm not vain D:
Besides, I make to many goofy faces...
My friend Megan said she would model some things for me soon. Then you wont have to see my mug all the time!


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