Saturday, April 30, 2011

Its been a minute...

since my last post.
I haven't even created much since my last post....Im slackin...
But I have gotten into a few other creative things. I started some new sketches/drawings. Practicing my accordion! Videos to come. Definitely writing down all my ideas, just procrastinating. A lot.
But Ive been looking forward to starting my new job Monday! Kinda putting all my efforts and thoughts towards that at the moment. Probably over thinking it and worrying about it. But still an undying positive attitude. :)

Sunday (tomorrow) is my old job's last Shabang! Borders Bookstore employees are all getting together to eat, drink and be merry one last time together.
Some of you may or may not know that Borders went out of business and left MANY jobless. But that's not what I want to talk about. I could go on and on about the awful side of the Borders story....   
But with all the bad that has happened, so much good has come out of it and honestly made me the better person I am today.
Ive made life long friends, meet some extraordinary people and had a fun time doing it all.
I started there when I was 18. For being young and not having a whole lot of world/life experience this place really molded me into the individual Ive become. Ive learned so much.
My best friends that I constantly hangout with the most are now (like me) ex employees of that store.
From the books to all the cool regulars. (Because god knows we did have those AWFUL regulars that made our lives hell) Hah and the coffee tooo!
That why the pictures im about to show you are devastating....  These pictures really ripped my heart out.
I know it was just some job. ''Dont be to upset, life goes on."
But it was MY job and I knew it was the one thing in this entire world that I knew I could do, and do it well! And actually liked doing it!
One day I WILL start my on shop. :)

OUR BACK ROOM-Blasting our radio in the back here as LOUD as it would go. Dance parties while washing the dishes.Listening to new music/dancing our hearts out. going up front and managers telling us to turn it down. telling each other about the last asshole we just rang up. Not caring about the future just the now. many texts. many phone calls. im not cleaning the bathrooms!

Hah. Flirting. OMG that last guy was a hottie! secrets. storys. MANY funny quotes. notes,notes,notes. crying. hugging. that outfit is bad ass! your hair looks amazing today. no your makeup is incredible! Movies. FUCK! parties. lots of parties. we going out tonight?  where is the lion? 
                                                  the laughs.LAUGHING.constant laughter.

Much inside stuff. But man if this back room could talk... i wish i had a word to describe how entertaining it would all be. The girls and I should make a movie. Seriously.
Im excited to see everyone together again one last time.

Where everybody knows your name...
<3 We really were like Cheers

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