Saturday, September 17, 2011

as of late..

Ive always been a huge fan of Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev. Its always held a special place in my heart since elementary school. Learning about each instrument in music class and how all the characters are perfectly paired up to each instrument to make the story really come to life.

The first time I ever came across the music was the Disney animation. hah. It was cute but it really cant compare to the life in this one. Besides....Disney is a corporation run by Satan :)
I love this piece of music sooo much. But honestly this is the BEST animation for the story EVER. I have always been a huge fan of claymation/animation. In school my friends and I would get together and make movies, I respect the art of claymation to say the least. Tough stuff. Takes patience.

But what I absolutely love about this animation is its done so amazingly well! hah! It has so much character and incredibly artsy <3 beautful !



  1. Disney is actually ran by Bob Iger.. and he's not such a bad guy. ;)

  2. Ha! Bob???
    Jeez didn't even try.